Pendant Close UP 

Natural Wood - necklace made out of new stock wood beads natural in color with gold beaded accents.  Up cycled pendent.  26 inches long. 

Pendent close up

Pendent close up

$40.00 COPPER LINK #0008

Pendent close up 


Pendant Close Up 

$20.00 GOLD ROSE #0011

Gold Arrow - Large gold metal beads new stock.  Recycle pendant 2 1/2 inch long.  Wire strung 18 inches long and wire hand made shepherds hook clasp. 

$25.00 Ahead of time #0007

Royal Gold - ​​​​​​Re purposed necklace made with chunky  glass beads  and gold plated  new stock beads attached with chrome wire and new stock large gold plated jump rings. Attached is an up cycled component used for the pendent  2 inches long, and up cycled clasp. The entire necklace is 20 inches long.  This necklace has a little weight due to the large glass beads.

Pendent close up 


$30.00 GOLD DISK #0010

Pink Dot - Very simple design using an Up cycled pendant on a 28 inch silver colored chain with a lobster claw clasp. Pendant is about 2 inches long. 

Gold Disk - Wire strung necklace 16 inches long,,   gold round  metal beads and long spacer beads all new stock, 3 inch long up cycled pendent adorned with wire worked spiral bail.  Lobster clasp and wire strung. 

$15.00 PINK DOT #0005

Black and white flower - Upcycled pendant 2 inches wide one a double silver stranded chain with a double fancy jewelry's clasp  




$25.00 GOLD ARROW - #0004

Silver Rose - Acrylic white pearls red glass beads and gold metal beaded accents new stock, 20 Inch long wire strung with twist barrel clasp.  Recycle pendent 1 inch 1/2 long. 

Pendent close up 

Ahead of time - New stock beaded necklace green tinted acrylic beads, gold beads and light green small round beads.  Wire stung on up cycled pendent, with a  barrel twist clasp. 22 inches long.  Up cycled pendent 3 inches long. 

$20.00 NATURAL WOOD #0009

Copper Link - New stock natural colored glass beads. All copper wired with new stock gold jump rings.  18 inches long.  Attached is an Up cycled pendant.   Hand made copper hook clasp. 

$25.00 ROYAL GOLD #0003

Pendent close up 

Mixed recycled and new.  There may be flaws, imperfections  or discolorations.  These add to the charm of each unique creation. No two are alike and they can not be duplicated.  Copper will form a natural tarnish over time.  

Clasp, wire work and beads close up 

Pendant Close Up